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Children get better at reading by reading! This is one of the primary reasons that homework is assigned at Nixon School beginning in first grade. We want students to practice the skills that they are learning at school, so we ask that they read 20 minutes each day. Depending on the grade level, they may also be asked to keep a log to record their daily reading. As students progress through the grades, math practice is added to their homework time. The variety of homework tasks increases as students progress through the grades and become more independent.

It is our intention that students can complete their homework without significant assistance from a parent. This will vary to some degree based on individual personalities and patterns established in your homes. Homework should help to develop a child's sense of competence, responsibility and effort. Should homework ever become a source of turmoil in the home, it is very important that the teacher be consulted about strategies to return homework to a more positive experience.

Here is a link to our school district homework policy.