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Teacher Mini Funds

The primary purpose of Mini-funds is to provide money for teachers to use throughout the school year for small and/or consumable items for your classroom. Some examples include: art supplies for a class project, supplies to support a classroom pet, small games or learning tools, supplies for a classroom experiment, treats for a class party, etc. You have discretion over how to use Mini-funds, but please be aware that the PTA intends for the funds to be spent on classroom activities that directly impact students. Mini-funds should not be used for activities outside the classroom (i.e., personal, non-school use).

You may be reimbursed at any time during the school year by completing a PTA Check Request Form (also available in the PTA Treasurer’s drawer) and providing receipts to the PTA Treasurer. It is important that you submit your receipts by the end of May each year because the Treasurer must balance the PTA accounts by June 30th. If you turn in receipts after the end of the school year, you will not be reimbursed for that school year. There is no carryover of any unused PTA Mini-funds to the next year.

Expenses to be reimbursed must be incurred within the PTA fiscal year which runs from July 1st through June 30th of each year.