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The PTA is a volunteer based organization who supports our schools by helping our children, our teachers, and the school staff. It advocates protecting our children on local, state and national levels. It raises funds to bridge the gap between what our kids need and what the school budget can provide.

All families are encouraged and welcome to support our membership by volunteering their time, resources, and ideas.

The Nixon PTA provides funds for special non staff related school programs such as library and classroom instructional material, computer technology and program enhancements, playground equipment, school spirit activities, student assemblies, family events, and school site facility and improvements needs. The PTA also supports all the school/home communication formats as well as the School Handbook. These funds are raised throughout the year with special fundraising events.

The ability to implement all of the school activities and programs is through the volunteer hours, which are donated by parents like you.

The Nixon PTA also works closely with PiE and other community organizations whose programs and funds support PAUSD.

The PTA elects an Executive Board every year with 2-year term limit positions. There are a number of Committee Chairs available every year which serve to support in-classroom teacher directed activities and all the out of classroom events.

Scheduling of the other PTA General meetings, as well as the PTA Board Meetings will be announced after school starts. All PTA meetings (both General and Board) are open and both parents and teachers are encouraged to attend.

For more information, go to Nixon PTA’s website.