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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

It is our mission at Lucille M. Nixon School that every student will leave Nixon with an enthusiasm for learning, have broader citizenship skills, a love of learning, and be a positive global citizen.

Vision Statement

At Lucille M. Nixon Elementary, our highest priority is the academic preparation of each of our students. To this end, teachers will continuously refine their practice. Teachers will pursue opportunities to learn and collaborate about strategies to enable all learners across the spectrum, from struggling to highly capable, to grow and succeed. We will extend our understanding of the implications for teaching from neuro-educational research and we will continue to investigate ways to use technology, as well as to teach technology, to enhance learning in our classrooms.

Our Nixon community is internationally and socio-economically diverse which provides experience to our students with peers of many ethnicities and perspectives. Our school strives to build interconnectedness across ethnic, socio-economic, language and geographic lines. In the coming years, we seek to develop more strategies to link ourselves together in a mutually supportive community. Our school’s success in educating children depends upon a strong partnership with parents. We expect to continue to cultivate a highly involved parent community, and to explore and develop ties to the broader community, including Stanford University.

As a school community of parents, teachers and staff, we are committed to the social and emotional development of our students. We will offer our students opportunities to provide service to our greater community and encourage the development of “green” attitudes and healthy lifestyles. Teachers will foster students’ creativity, curiosity, inquisitiveness and independent thinking in the classroom. The Nixon community seeks ways to enhance the ‘developmental assets’ in each student through our Lifeskills program, to promote socially and emotionally well-rounded and confident individuals. We will teach strategies and support students to learn to resolve conflicts using problem-solving skills.

We are a community of learners and, as such, we will continue to identify areas of needed growth and to develop strategies to address those needs.